Surface Plasmon Photonics


[08/2015] Congratulations to Mr. Qingqing Cheng for his successful defenses of PhD degree: Mode management and application in plasmonic waveguide.


[12-15/07/2015] Great success has achieved in CIOP, Session 7: Micro-nano Photonics and Metamaterials (contributed by Prof. Tao Li). Yulin Wang and Ji Chen made Oral presentations "Composite interference and its application." and "Plasmonic oscillating beam on free metal surface.", respectively.


[06-10/07/2015] Prof. Tao Li attended PIERS in Prague, Czech, and gave two invited talks entiled "Plasmonic Waveguide Array: Simulating Topological Photonic States and Massless Dirac Fermion" and "Broadband Focusing: On-chip Demultiplexers for SPPs and Guided Modes".


[19/06/2015] Our paper entitled "Topologically Protected Interface Mode in Plasmonic Waveguide Arrays" is published online in Laser & Photonics Reviews (DOI 10.1002/lpor.201400462). Congs to Qingqing and Yiming.


[01/06/2015] Our paper entitled "Simultaneous directional emissions of multiple quantum emitters with cross plasmonic antenna" is published online in Opt. Express 23, 15089. Congs to Juanjuan.


[05/2015] Congratulations to Ms. Juanjuan Yang for her successful defenses for Master degree: "Study on Active Plasmonic Devices Integrated on LED Chip" .


[16-18/05/2015] Yulin Wang attended the Doctoral Academic Forum of the Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong, May 16th, 2015, Shanghai Jiaotong University. Yulin Wang made an Oral presentation "composite interference in metallic strip waveguides" and was awarded "the best oral presentation".


[09-16/05/2015] Prof. Tao Li and Qingqing Cheng attended the conference of CLEO 2015, San Jose, USA. Q. Q. Cheng  made an Oral presentation “Topologically Protected Interface Mode in Plasmonic Waveguide Array”.


[23/04/2015]  Qingqing Cheng awarded the Outstanding Graduate student.


[03/04/2015] It is our pleasure to invite Prof. Shuang Zhang from Birmingham Unversity, UK, to give an invited talk entilted "Manipulating Electromagnetic Waves with Metamaterials and Metasurfaces" in NJU.


[08/03/2015] Shushu Wang awarded the "Technical Research Award of 2014 in DSL".


[21/10/2014] Qingqing Cheng awarded the National Scholarship for Graduate students. Congs to QQ.