Name Code User Apply Authorized IPC
Based on the polarization of the superlattice is not sensitive to the laser frequency transformation method and its device201010611333Lv Xinjie etc.1997.9.26 2002.10.9 C30B 29/68
In super conversion quantum limit based on the optical superlattice infrared laser and construction method2011101522128刘艳花等1997.9.26 2002.10.9 C30B 29/68
Based on the local phase compensation principle, design method of two-dimensional optical superlatticeZL200810124172.4张超,秦亦强,朱永元1997.9.26 2002.10.9 C30B 29/68
532 nm half a gaussian laser beam generator2011100058403尹亚玲等1997.9.26 2002.10.9 C30B 29/68
Based on cascade superlattice yellow laser frequency conversion crystalsZL200910262855.0赵丽娜、祝世宁等1997.9.26 2002.10.9 C30B 29/68
In view of the coupling nonlinear optical optical superlattice structure optimization of the process of setting methodZL200910028318.X张超,秦亦强,朱永元1997.9.26 2002.10.9 C30B 29/68