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  • 2013

    Strong unionpay also group of enterprise social platform success, to enter the Internet industry < br > < var > < / var > < span > < / span > at the end of 2013 strong unionpay successful launch mommy bought mobile APP, into mobile Internet field

  • 2012

    Strong unionpay to join Beijing xiangyun, become cloud base, introduced a cloud PAD industry intelligence solution, officially entered the cloud computing industry < br > < var > < / var > < span > < / span > at the end of 2012 strong unionpay, listed in shenzhen stock exchange successful formal into China's capital market

  • 2011

    Strong unionpay completed shareholding system reform, the capital market attention, preparations for the listing

  • 2009

    Strong unionpay become American Microsoft embedded world gold partner, "and awarded the Microsoft outstanding contribution award"

  • 2006

    Gen unionpay and including Microsoft, IBM, HP, LENOVO and so on, the industry in the world's leading IT companies formed a strategic partner, launched from the technology, product to the market all-round cooperation

  • 2005

    Strong unionpay launched online banking bank self-service equipment, the second generation id card application equipment, and has maintained a more than 60% of the country's market share

  • 2004

    Strong unionpay in silicon valley, Beijing zhongguancun science park

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