Quantum Plasmon and Metamaterial

• Optical simulation of various phenomena in curved space on photonic chips
  Chong Sheng, Shining Zhu, Hui Liu

• Bound vortex light in an emulated topological defect in photonic lattices
  Chong Sheng, Yao Wang, Yijun Chang, Huiming Wang, Yongheng Lu, Yingyue Yang, Shining Zhu ,Xianmin Jin, and Hui Liu

• Integrated thermal emission microchip based on meta-cavity array
  Qiongqiong Chu, Fengyuan Zhang, Ye Zhang, Tong Qiao, Shining Zhu and Hui Liu

• Large-area long-wave infrared broadband all-dielectric metasurface absorber based on markless laser direct writing lithography
  Cheng Chen,Yanhua Liu,Zhouying Jiang,Chong Sheng,Ye Zhang,Fan Zhong,Linsen Chen,Shining Zhu,Hui Liu

• Probing Rotated Weyl Physics on Nonlinear Lithium Niobate-on-Insulator Chips
  Zhi-Wei Yan,Qiang Wang , Meng Xiao,Yu-Le Zhao,Shi-Ning Zhu, and Hui Liu

• 拓扑光学体系中合成维度方法的进展
  刘辉, 严志伟, 肖孟, 祝世宁
  光学学报 | 41,1(2021)

• Tunability of spin-dependent secondary topological interface states induced in an optical complex superlattice
  Mengying Hu ,Hui Liu , and Shining Zhu

• Generation and Tunability of Supermodes in Tamm Plasmon Topological Superlattices
  Tong Qiao, Mengying Hu, Xi Jiang, Qiang Wang, Shining Zhu, and Hui Liu

• Observation of the acceleration of light in a tapered optical fiber
  Hui Ge, Chong Sheng, Shining Zhu, Hui Liu

• Double-bowl state in photonic Dirac nodal line semimetal
  Mengying Hu, Ye Zhang , Xi Jiang , Tong Qiao , Qiang Wang , Shining Zhu , Meng Xiao and Hui Liu

• Simulating the escape of entangled photons from the event horizon of black holes in nonuniform optical lattices
  Chong Sheng ,?Chunyu Huang,?Runqiu Yang,?Yanxiao Gong,Shining Zhu,and Hui Liu
  Physical Review A | 103, 033703 (2021)

• Experimental nanofocusing of surface plasmon polaritons using a gravitational field
  Zhiwei Yan, Chong Sheng, Shining Zhu and Hui Liu
  Nanophotonics | 9(10)3279-3285(2020)

• Realization of photonic charge-2 Dirac point by engineering super-modes in topological superlattices
  Mengying Hu1,3, Kun Ding 2,3, Tong Qiao1, Xi Jiang1, Qiang Wang1, Shining Zhu1 & Hui Liu 1

• Controlling Surface Plasmons Through Covariant Transformation of the Spin-Dependent Geometric Phase Between Curved Metamaterials
  Fan Zhong,1 Jensen Li,2,3 Hui Liu,1,* and Shining Zhu1
  Phys.Rev.Lett. | 120, 243901 (2018)

• Definite photon deflections of topological defects in metasurfaces and symmetry-breaking phase transitions with material loss
  Chong Sheng1, Hui Liu 1, Huanyang Chen2 & Shining Zhu1
  Nature Communications | 9:4271(2018)

• Self-Focusing and the Talbot Effect in Conformal Transformation Optics
  Xiangyang Wang,1 Huanyang Chen,2,* Hui Liu,1,? Lin Xu,2 Chong Sheng,1 and Shining Zhu1
  Phys.Rev.Lett. | 119,033902(2017)

• Optical Interface States Protected by Synthetic Weyl Points
  Qiang Wang,1 Meng Xiao,2,3 Hui Liu,1,* Shining Zhu,1 and C. T. Chan2,*

• Wavefront shaping through emulated curved space in waveguide settings
  Chong Sheng1,*, Rivka Bekenstein2,*, Hui Liu1, Shining Zhu1 & Mordechai Segev2
  Nature Communications | 10747.1.(2016)

• Omnidirectional optical attractor in structured gap-surface plasmon waveguide
  Chong Sheng1, Hui Liu1, Shining Zhu1 & Dentcho A. Genov2
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• Active control of electromagnetic radiation through an enhanced thermo-optic effect
  C. Sheng, H. Liu, S.N. Zhu, D.A. Genov
  Scientific Report | 5 (2015)